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global family village
Kathmandu, Nepal

There are approximately a million orphaned, abandoned and displaced children in Nepal, many of whom are suffering needlessly. Due to armed conflict, displacement, poverty, natural disasters, and illness. Many children are left without parents and begin a downward spiral of suffering that all too often ends in addiction, violence, or even death. It is the mission of Global Family Village (GFV) to help such children reach their fullest potential so they will be able to thrive and become productive members of their society.

E3 expects to engage in a multi-year funding relationship that includes participation in the strategic planning of the Community Education Center demonstration project. E3 also looks forward to helping to disseminate this model throughout Nepal with GFV. We are enthusiastic about the integral role of community education in the GFV model for orphan family care. We are especially excited about the impact we will have together on the lives of generation of disenfranchised women and children through this innovative educational access.

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